Admission of students

When IBS first opened its doors in 2008 the school boasted a mere 50 students. By 2012 IBS had attracted over 400 students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. The admission is open till 30th of September every year.

80 % of our students are Qatar nationality. Arabs from Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan etc. and non Arabs from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, and Russia form the remaining.

School Fees

We maintain a very affordable SEC fee structure. There has been no fee hike since the start of the school. We had offered 25% fees discount to all students during the last four years, irrespective of the grade to which they are in. Moreover we provided 50% fees discount to the needy and up to 100% to some students who come from very poor families. We are in our 11th academic year - with the limited resources, we still try our best to give all possible fees discount to the needy.

Admission Forms

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